Offers for MedPG CME 2017 Admission



Bulk Booking Offer
Normal Course Fee : Rs.30000/- per head
Group of 10 students : Rs.27500/- per head
Group of 20 students : Rs.25000/- per head
Group of 50 students : Rs.20000/- per head
To avail this offer, the application forms along with the single DD/DDs/NEFT details of students should be posted in a single envelop/e-mail

Bumper Offer for Repeaters
Students with NEET Rank below 15000 - Rs.15000/- per head (Course fee)
Students with NEET Rank below 20000 - Rs.20000/- per head (Course fee)
Students with NEET Rank below 25000 - Rs.25000/- per head (Course fee)

Admission to MedPGThrissur


  • Avoid taking Demand Draft from State Bank of Mysore & Hyderabad
  • Class starts on April first week-2017
  • CME FEE Rs.30000/- This includes free online exam, study material cost, daily online exams, final revision exams and revision classes at discount rate , Harrison classes, service tax ,medpgapp etc...Fees can be remitted as DD, NEFT along with the form or as direct cash in the office.Office open on all days including Sundays 9.00am-9.00pm. Course duration MIDMARCH 2017 to one month before NEET Exam
  • All Revision Exams are conducted Online-NEET/AIIMS Model. Please bring WI-FI devices. CLASS & EXAM SCHEDULE will be announced in advance in website
    1. WEEKLY EXAM-on previous week's class (75 ques from the topics & 75 ques from PREVIOUS AIIMS/DNB/NEET)3600 ques/year. Eligible for Medpg students and postal students only.
    2. MONTHLY EXAM-on prev month's class(75 ques from the topics & 75 ques from PREV AIIMS/DNB/NEET papers. 720 ques/year.Eligible for Medpg students and postal students only.
  • Tariff Packages

    Package 1 : CME / POSTAL CME
    Features include :
    CME 2017 worth Rs. 30000/- or Postal CME worth Rs.30000/-
    NEET RECALL worth Rs 3000/-
    Review of Online Exam worth Rs.5000/-
    MedPGApps Exam worth Rs.7500/-


    Package 2 : NEET RECALL 2017
    Amount @ Rs.500 per month
    Amount @ Rs.3000 per year

    Package 3 : MEDPGAPPS 2017
    Amount @ Rs.750 per month
    Amount @ Rs.7500 per year